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Luxe layers—lounging in bed, easy-breezy days. No need to rush. Relax, breathe, take a nap. Read in bed. Create a soothing sanctuary in your bedroom. Easy care GOTS certified organic cotton duvet covers turn making your bed into a simple process. Just pull up the sheets, then shake the duvet out over them. Voila! The all certified organic cotton duvet covers are silky soft and luxurious. Casual elegance at your fingertips. Duvet covers close with birch wood buttons—for every two trees that are cut, three are planted in their place. Available in two colors, and two sizes. What is GOTS? This 100% organic cotton bedding is GOTS certified. What does that mean? GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. To achieve GOTS certification and call itself organic, the product must contain at least 90% organic materials—this bedding is 100% organic. In addition, everything used in the manufacturing process must be nontoxic—from washing detergents to dyes and processing solutions—it all has to meet strict standards for toxicity, to people and planet. The manufacturing plant must also utilize a wastewater recovery system, ensuring little to no wastewater enters the environmental stream. We are proud to carry beautiful GOTS certified organic cotton products.

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Q: what % will this duvet shrink after washing? Thanks.

Our Organic Cotton Sateen Stripe 400 Thread Count Duvet Covers are pre-shrunk when manufactured. We also make them to be slightly oversized to account for any additional shrinkage that could possibly occur.

Q: What is sateen?

Sateen is a type of weave that is constructed using rows of thread woven in a one-over-four-under pattern. With the next row alternating to a one-under-four-over pattern. Because this type of weave has several threads that lay on the surface, these sheets will have a soft finish, and can appear shinier than sheets woven in the standard or pinpoint one-over-one-under weave.