For the Techie

For the Techie

For the Techie

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

$72.00 reg. $120.00

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but powerful enough to fill some pretty large spaces with beautiful sound.

Bamboo Solar Calculator

$17.00 reg. $28.00
Add it up! Our Bamboo Solar Calculator just makes good sense. Crafted from sustainable bamboo and powered by the sun for smart, sustainable style.

Bamboo Amplifier - Natural

$23.00 reg. $38.00
Amplify your music naturally. The Bamboo iPod Loudbasstard naturally boosts your music to new levels. Made entirely by hand from sustainable bamboo.
Rock your world with Bamboo Precision Tuned Earphones designed for perfect sound. In-ear passive noise cancellation puts you in your own world.

nPower PEG

$78.00 reg. $130.00
Power your world with kinetic energy. The nPower PEG harnesses your kinetic energy to power your handheld electronic gadgets, where ever you are.

Water Powered Alarm Clock

$18.00 reg. $30.00
Reduce your carbon footprint by keeping time with water! The Water Powered Alarm Clock runs for up to six months on straight tap water. 

Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

$72.00 reg. $120.00
The perfect modern accessory. Our Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard offers stunning, sustainable style in a totally practical, rechargeable, wireless package.
Put a stop to phantom energy with the Energy Saving Smart Power Strip. The ingenious design shuts off power to any device with a standby mode.