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Modern Home Décor
The 1920’s Antique Bottle is a true vintage original. Found in Hungary, these bottles originally held milk or yogurt; now they’re perfect for your favorite blooms.
Each carved root vase is uniquely beautiful and stands alone as a work of natural art. For thousands of years, expert carvers have transformed gnarled stumps of fir trees into works of art such as these.
Found, vintage colanders sourced from Indonesia that bear marks of use from their previous lives.
Found, vintage tea pots sourced from Indonesia that bear marks of use from their previous lives.
Natural jute is wrapped around intricately bent metal wire.
From Eastern gardens of yesterday to your home today—a quiet spot in the garden. A moment to pause, reflect. East meets West in these vintage painted drum stools.

Spice up your decor with a vintage ginger jar once used to store spices, now a perfect accent, or charming vase, 8”H.

Display your favorite bottles in rare vintage style. Still bearing the marks of the vineyard, these racks are ready for new life, 60”H.

Natural bamboo creates a striking cocktail bar, ready to hold your favorite bottles in sustainable style. 25”x16”x41.5”.

Rustic and refined, petrified wood makes the perfect bookend. A pair of unique pieces ready to grace your shelf, 9”H.

Linen and light in burnished sunset colors. Rich linen wraps a fir frame. Insert a candle to case a romantic glow. 9"H x 5.75" diam.
Fire and ice, iron and glass combine in a striking lantern. Add your favorite candle for instant ambiance. 13"H x 8.25" diam.
Once used to feed a family, now it nourishes your soul—in Turkish villages, these earthen vessels were the kitchen pantry, holding olives, oils, and grains.
Vintage milk jars sourced from US dairy farms.

Add some sparkle to your decor with vintage beer bottles from Eastern Europe. Still bearing their wire-bale toppers, approx 13”H.

Antique Glass Bottles

$46.00 - $64.00
Vintage demijohns once used to store wine, now add sparkle to your home. Two colors, two sizes.
Set of three birds, perfect for shelf or desk, handcarved from mango wood. 12"H to 17"H.
Rustic vintage wheel becomes stunning sustainable art for your home.Unique vintage item, 23" Diam.
Wicker wash basket, vintage finds. Yesterday's laundry necessity becomes today's charming décor.
Acacia wood tea box crafted from sustainably grown woods. 10 compartments.
Create your own Living Wall with this ingenious modular system. Each unit is 15.7” square and holds nine plant spaces. Easy instructions included.

From rice field to home décor, jars once used to make rice wine become a charming piece of history to grace your home. Vintage items.

Recycled Antique Glass Masons are handblowen from broken pieces of reclaimed antique glass.

Capture the essence of summer's bounty. Vintage pickle jars make an ideal vase, tool receptacle, or display for small mementoes. 

Roll camera! Classic Hollywood comes to life in this wine rack made from vintage film reels. Includes real film as cushion, the title is on the base.
Vintage wood well bucket. Rustic charm, ready to continue to serve. An ideal place for your favorite blooms, or for presenting guest towels.
Vintage handcarved wood bowl, still bears the marks of a life lived, a charming addition to your home. Exact size varies.
Create your own Living Wall with this ingenious modular system. Each unit is 21” square and holds nine plant spaces. Easy instructions included.
Vintage olive baskets straight from the grove to your home. Perfect for displaying favored treasures.
Vintage olive baskets straight from the grove to your home. Perfect for displaying favored treasures. 14" to 17" H

Vintage ammo cans take on new purpose. Perfect for filling with flowers, or just for display. A piece of history for your home. Industrial, yet rustic.

Once carried on the backs of vineyard workers, these vintage bins make a charming way to display blooming branches and vines.

Vintage Olive Jars

$48.00 - $98.00
Vintage olive jars from Turkey, earthen vessels once served as kitchen pantry, now unique décor for your home.
Metal scraps transformed into stunning candle lantern. 11.5"H.
Nature with a twist. Handcrafted bamboo candle lantern adds a touch of romance to your space. Recycled glass column. 11.5"H
Recycled entwines with natural bamboo and clear recycled glass for a stunning candle lantern. 12" diam.
Recycled wood, stone and plastic, ready to cradle armloads of fresh-picked bounty. Three sizes.
Striking, deeply pebbled vase invites touch, creates a stunning display. 17.5" tall.
From firehouse to your house, vintage Turkish fire bucket stands ready to serve. Tuck in your favorite flowers, or a stunning plant. Vintage find, 12” Diam.
Contemporary vase accented with bold geometric patterns, ancient style with a modern twist. The texture invites touch. 13"H
Natural wood, like bringing the forest home. Includes glass insert, a perfect vase. 17”H
These bowls are smooth but appear textured by natural wood striations making each one unique. Each was hand carved from reclaimed Mango trees grown in Thailand, with a lining of live edge tree bark.
Understated elegance in stunning chamcha wood vase, 28"H. Organic, essential, extraordinary.
Vintage find, traditional salt-glazed flow blue pottery, three sizes. Charming and unique.
Classicly charming Reclaimed Wood Café Chalkboard is perfect for keeping lists handy. Reclaimed 19th century wood. 24"x49"
Truly unique! Recycled Antique Jars are a real treasure. Each piece is unique, imagine the tales they could tell!

The Root Wood Bowl is handcarved from reclaimed shan mu roots. Each bowl is a unique work of art, perfect for dry foods, or as a centerpiece, 11”W.

For many years, expert carvers of Central China have turned gnarled stumps of Shan Mu fir trees into works of art like this gorgeous flat-cut bowl. Use as a centerpiece, basket or for serving dry foods.
Exquisite chamcha wood makes a striking room divider or screen. Each one-of-a-kind. 60"W x 75"H
Sparkling and sustainable Vintage Recycled Balon is made from recycled antique glass, handblown into the original molds. 12"x21"
Vintage enamel cauldron is perfect for rolled towels or bunches of flowers. Color and exact dimensions vary, approximately 21" Diam.
These authentic vintage finds will add warmth and sophistication to your home while providing a functional storage option. This collection of one-of-a kind found objects is upcycling at its finest.
This two tone basket is the definition of versatile, functional design. Handwoven from renewable seagrass, bold stripes add a touch of contemporary style. These sturdy baskets are perfect for storage or everyday use.
Reduce your carbon footprint by keeping time with water! The Water Powered Alarm Clock runs for up to six months on straight tap water.