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Help green their new home with eco friendly housewarming gifts from Bambeco. Green gifts complement any home, condo or apartment.
Reclaimed wine cooler bottles come to life as votive candle holders nestled on a tray of wine barrel slats. Chose 3 or 5 cup and green or clear glass.
The soft, chunky weave of our Honeycomb Blanket will keep you warm and content in every season. Use this versatile blanket in your family room or as an accent on your bed. Jacquard woven of pure organic cotton, it is weighty and comforting.
The Jackson Timber Lamp puts repurposed elm to beautiful use in a clean, elegant lamp perfect for any tabletop. 18.75”H x 6.5” dia.
Double your eco-power with a compost bin made from one of the world’s most renewable plants. Ideal for kitchen countertops, the Bamboo Fiber Compost Pail is perfect for cooking and table scraps.
Clean and quaint each hand-blown glass lantern contains a combination of luminescence and white glass. This lantern utilizes a "warm white" LED, for a natural, inviting glow.
Welcome one of nature’s most miraculous creatures to your yard with a hand-made hummingbird crafted from recycled glass. Hook included.
This Bird Garden Kit contains a selection of unique flower seeds to attract some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Each type of seed attracts a certain type of bird, mostly songbirds and hummingbirds.
Although simple, the message is clear with this traditional welcome mat. Simple and sophisticated, this Coir coconut fiber eco-friendly mat will make a great first impression on your guests.
Made from reclaimed Redwood, these frames maintain a natural shape and will show off your photos with organic style. Because these frames are hand crafted from a natural source, no two are alike.