Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers
The Bambeco Olive Oil Soap with Peppermint is filled with organic oils and mints grass for a purifying, healing soap.
The perfect holiday candle! Enjoy our hand-poured soy-wax Mason Jar Mini Candle in Pomegranate and Spruce for a touch of nostalgia in a 3 ounce jar.
This German designed flask is contoured for easy storage and handling to avoid any unwanted spillage. Its portable and stylish retro design is crafted from premium eco friendly recycled stainless steel.
Our Gourmet Salad Garden includes all the parts necessary to create a delectable gourmet salad. Home-grown vegetables have a freshness and texture seldom found in commercial produce departments.
Carry groceries in this Handmade Recycled Rice Bag Tote. Handcrafted reclaimed rice and feed bags make each one unique. One less bag in a landfill!

Grow your own Christmas tree! Easy to follow instructions and everything you need to grow your very own Scotch Pine. 

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with the Chocolate Lovers Garden Kit. Kit includes everything  you need for calorie-free, chocolate indulgence.
Our organic Garden-in-a-Bag collection provides a great selection of herbs that grow year-round in your kitchen. These easy to grow herbs contain 100% organic soil and leak-proof coconut husk drainage.
Recipients of a Bambeco gift card can choose from hundreds of stylish, eco-friendly products for home, pets and life. When you or your loved one decide to go eco, choose Bambeco and give the gift of green!
Our Herbal Tea Garden kit is a unique selection of the finest herbal teas ready to grow in your garden or home. Growing herbs in your own garden will ensure that they are chemical and weed-free at harvest.
The Bambeco Olive Oil Soap With Lavender is filled with organic oils and natural lavender flowers. Features the soothing scent of lavender.
These unique flower collections will create over 100 feet of spectacular flower drifts in your yard, containers or window boxes. Simply scatter your seeds, and soon you will be inhaling the invigorating waves of sweet perfume every time you walk by.
The Bambeco Olive Oil Soap With Rosemary is filled with organic oils and natural rosemary and barley grass for a gentle, herbaceous soap.
Our Bambeco Olive Oil Soap With Pink Grapefruit  soap pairs invigorating citrus and gently exfoliating oatmeal with organic oils for a perfect shower.
Use the Keep it Simple Linen Tea Towel in Slate for any number of kitchen tasks. The 100% natural linen and vegetable dyes make it the perfect eco-friendly alternative to paper.
This collection of organic culinary vegetables was chosen for its ease in growing, culinary versatility and ornamental value. This is a perfect start to grow and cultivate a classic, French-style garden.
These unique flower collections will create over 100 feet of spectacular flower drifts in your yard, containers or window boxes. This magnificent mix contains fifteen of nature’s most beautiful wildflowers.

Embrace the dark side with nuts. Crunchy almonds and a touch of sea salt balance out this dark chocolate bar, perfect for sharing, 3 ounces.

Classic combo with a twist. Total satisfaction in dark chocolate packed with creamy peanut butter. Decadent, delightful, 3.25 ounces.

Crunchy bliss with a touch of sweet granola and cinnamon mixed into delightful milk chocolate. A little crunchy, a little spicy, all delicious, 3 ounces.

Simple indulgences, smooth, rich dark chocolate to those who love the dark side. Rich, not too sweet, and perfectly balanced, 3 ounces.

Simple indulgenes, smooth, creamy milk chocolate to appeal to the kid in everyone. Rich, sweet, and perfectly balanced, 3.25 ounces.