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Discover sizzling eco-friendly products for summer entertaining. Enjoy stylish, sustainably made picnic supplies, outdoor furniture, dinnerware, serving pieces, barware, solar lights, home décor, and organic garden products.
The Gone Fishin' Collection design was inspired by fish, including fine details of the fin, tail, eye and curves. The Gone Fishin’ Collection is made from stainless steel, and is 100% recyclable.
Relax and enjoy the Long Island Patio Chair, made from reclaimed bottles and built to last. Moisture and weather resistant, available in nine colors.
Our Baja Wine Glass is handcrafted from 100% recycled glass with bold blue and green lines. Handblown, each is a unique fiesta of style.
The Aspen Tumbler is handmade from recycled glass bottles in a fair trade environment. Holds 8 ounces.
The Barbecue 2-in-1 Roasting Wok acts as a wok and poultry roaster in one. Easy to disassemble for cleaning and storage. 16”W x 12”L x 1.5”D.
Turn your outdoor living area into the hottest place in town with the South Beach Adirondack Chair and Ottoman Collection made from eco-friendly HDPE.
These unique flower collections will create spectacular flower drifts in your yard, containers or window boxes. This particular mix will attract songbirds with its attractive array of wildflowers.
This willow picnic set contains everything you need for an elegant, environmentally friendly outdoor meal. Dine in style while being eco-conscious with this hand-woven and 100% all-natural set.