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Our Story

Carolyn and Susan on a glacier


Conversation with humanity.
Communion with the earth.

For bambeco co-founder Susan Aplin, the ‘Ah Ha’ moment came while standing on a dramatically receding glacier in the wilds of Alaska. The evident shift in climate inspired a shift of the heart.

Acting on what she had seen, Susan determined to change the way she lived. She reduced her energy use and adjusted commuting patterns. Then she turned her attention to her home and was inspired by the question—what if there was one resource for furnishings and décor where every product offered impacted the world in a positive way?

Born of life-changing inspiration, bambeco is passionate about products with purpose. Co-founded by Susan Aplin and Carolyn Wapnick, bambeco is the premier retailer for sustainable home furnishings and décor, delivering a collection of exquisite, high-quality products and artisan creations—ALL reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, recycled, natural, or organic.

Carolyn and Susan

our vision

Inspire Sustainable Living

That all with whom we connect will be inspired and educated to become personally involved and passionately committed to change the world through products with purpose—sustainable home furnishings and decor that are: Original and authentic in design and character, Reclaimed, Repurposed, Renewable, Recycled, Regenerated, Natural, Organic, or Artisan Creations intended to impact the world in a positive way. Made with the highest respect for the earth and its people.

Carolyn Wapnick, Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
Susan Aplin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Providing a platform through which “sustainability” is transformed from a movement into a household word.

our mission

Change the World…
One Room at a Time


Susan Aplin

We lead with our heart but are rational to the core.

We are fearless yet concerned about the earth and its future.

We believe sustainability isn’t a concept but a meaningful conversation.

We are messengers of hope and keepers of the future.

We believe in the goodness of humanity and the greatness of our potential.

We revere the progress we’ve made and recognize the necessity for more in multitudes.

We are change-agents and challenge-seekers.

We are educators, motivational speakers, relationship-builders, possibility-thinkers.

We are artisans, and craftsmen, inventors and innovators.

We are globe-trotters and treasure hunters—finders and sellers of all things renewable, recycled, regenerated, repurposed.

We are people lovers and earth-advocates, dedicated to Changing the World…One Room at a Time.