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On the rocks, please—the clink of ice, the sound of liquid pouring into a prepared glass. Sit back, stretch. Admire the colors in your glass, inhale the aromas. Sip. Ahh… Ice may be the classic drink chiller, but we’ve taken a cue from Scotland and are using granite—enjoy your drinks “on the rocks.” Ice can over-chill fine whiskeys, and other drinks you don’t want too cold. And it eventually melts, watering down the drink, and adding other flavors or odors from the melted ice. Handcrafted from natural granite from New Hampshire, these drink chillers also work well for identifying your drink at a party. Each one has unique patterns in various shades of gray. Just freeze for two to three hours, then use in place of ice.

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Stop wasting water and get ice rocks!
By: Jaya, Friday, June 19, 2015

These are great for cooling a drink. The only problem is that they can absorb odors in the freezer and freezerburn doesn't go well with bourbon. I solved that issue by washing them well, letting them air out and storing them in a glass container, instead of the cotton bag, in the freezer. Another thing to consider is not dropping them into a glass, due to their weight.


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