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Shop Bedding Collections

Time-worn and tested, the patina of age—some things only get better.

Reclaimed woods find new life and new purpose. Handcrafted and transformed from trash to eco-chic treasures for your home.

The warmth of wood, reclaimed.

See how our beautiful reclaimed wood pieces are handcrafted in the USA. Shop reclaimed wood.


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—Susan Aplin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

By being both expert in, and purveyors of products that support sustainability, we seek to inspire people to change the way they live and what they buy.

At bambeco®, changing the world isn't about being radical but being real. Reclaimed, repurposed, redeemed, recycled. Our products. Our people. Our partners. Our customers. Authentic and interesting to the core. We give more than 1% of our profits to environmental organizations working to improve our Core3 concerns—Climate Change, Land Preservation, and Clean Water and Waterways.
Your home should tell a thousand stories.™ read ours

Carolyn Wapnick, Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
Susan Aplin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability isn’t just a concept but a conversation.
It’s an opportunity to give VOICE to what matters.
It’s a charge and a mission to reduce a carbon footprint
while enlarging our personal imprint.

——Susan Aplin, Co-Founder & CEO

read the bambeco® Sustainability Principles