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healthy bedroom

by bambeco®

because sleep sustains you


We started on an Arctic Glacier…

bambeco® is passionate about products with purpose—
ALL reclaimed, repurposed, renewable,recycled, natural, or organic.

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EVERY PURCHASE goes to support bambeco® environmental causes and partnerships.

Clean Water Land Preservation Climate Change

Make an impact. Leave an imprint.

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Enduring. Tasteful. Sophisticated. Fresh. Sustainable Chic. Eco Chic. bambeco® Chic.

VINTAGE by bambeco®

one-of-a-kind vintage finds

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Vintage furniture is the ultimate form of sustainability. These classic, reclaimed pieces reduce the emissions from new product production and the need to consume more natural resources. It’s one less item in our landfills. Each one-of-a-kind piece is built to stand the test of time and contains no unhealthy chemicals. Shop vintage

reclaimed wine barrel dÉcor
by bambeco®

fresh from the vineyard

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Our reclaimed wine barrel furniture reduces the emissions required to log, process, transport, and produce furniture from new wood. These chic pieces allow you to save trees and preserve forests, which are one of the leading causes of climate change. You can reduce your overall carbon footprint. Make an impact for generations to come.
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That chill in the air ushers in the season of transition. Warm up your interiors with nature as your inspiration—
the essence of Fall captured in all things chic, cozy, sustainable.

Introducing the Dining Room by bambeco®

The dining room is where we gather to share stories, build relationships, and pass our values on down through the generations. Share your commitment to sustainable living with bambeco® eco-friendly dining room furniture. Whether built new from reclaimed barn wood or bamboo or expertly crafted a hundred years ago, the pieces in our collection are sure to add character to your dining room while preserving the environment.

the dining room

Modern Fusion


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the dining room

Rustic Refined


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the dining room

Industrial Chic


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healthy bedroom
by bambeco®

because sleep sustains you

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Chances are you’ll spend about a third of your life in your bed. Make sure your bed is good for both you and the planet with our chic collection of organic bedding. Get everything you need for your bed, from sheets and pillows to mattress toppers and comforters. Everything in the collection is pure, organic, and hypoallergenic. Shop BEDDING BASICS

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bambeco® Confetti Recycled Wine Glass, made from recycled soda bottles buy now

For the artisan, sustainability isn’t simply a word…
but a way of living.

Born of life-changing inspiration, bambeco® is passionate about products with purpose.

We are proud to partner with skilled artisans who see what’s possible in what is—those who see the beauty in all things discarded and redeemed.


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—Susan Aplin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

By being both expert in, and purveyors of products that support sustainability, we seek to inspire people to change the way they live and what they buy.

At bambeco®, changing the world isn't about being radical but being real. Reclaimed, repurposed, redeemed, recycled. Our products. Our people. Our partners. Our customers. Authentic and interesting to the core. We give more than 1% of our profits to environmental organizations working to improve our Core3 concerns—Climate Change, Land Preservation, and Clean Water and Waterways.  read Our Story

Carolyn Wapnick, Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
Susan Aplin, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability isn’t just a concept but a conversation.
It’s an opportunity to give VOICE to what matters.
It’s a charge and a mission to reduce a carbon footprint
while enlarging our personal imprint.

——Susan Aplin, Co-Founder & CEO

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