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From pies to cookies, the smooth feel and solid heft of a wood rolling pin makes the job easier. Beautiful enough to display on the counter, these olive wood rolling pins will stand up to years of use. Using sustainably sourced Italian olive wood, our artisans hand-cut each piece using techniques handed down from generation to generation, then season them with all natural sunflower oil.

Our Italian olive trees are harvested when fruit and oil production ends, typically when they’re around 350-700 years old. And even then, trees are not cut down. They are simply pruned to stimulate new growth. This process can be repeated for thousands of years.

Due to the unique, handcrafted nature of this collection, each item will vary slightly in detail and markings; no two are exactly alike.

Our apologies –
the Olive Wood Rolling Pin is being created now and will ship on or about October 14, 2016, Carbonfree® to your door!

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