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Our Bamboo Dog Bowls have a secret. They look just like any bowl, but they’re made from bamboo fiber and rice husks for a sustainable, stylish option.22.32299

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Keep your kitchen clutter-free with our Oversized Bamboo Utensil Holder, made from 100% organically-grown bamboo. 7”H x 5”diam.15.40806

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Bamboo Fiber Compost Set includes compost pail, biodegradable liners and charcoal filters. Composting has never been so easy.13.52793

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Double your eco-power with a compost bin made from one of the world’s most renewable plants. Ideal for kitchen countertops, the Bamboo Fiber Compost Pail is perfect for cooking and table scraps.2.089122

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This vibrant salad bowl will instantly energize your table and enhance the presentation of any meal. Each bowl is crafted by skilled artisans from environmentally- friendly reclaimed Mango wood.1.35789

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Make your salad the star of the show! This sustainable mango wood salad bowl creates a beautiful display.  Bowl 11”.1.051485

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The perfect cereal bowl. The Lucia Recycled Glass Bowl is made from recycled soda bottles, 3”H x 5.5”dia.1.014498

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Make your salad the star of the show! Sustainable teak and mango wood come together in this beautiful Salad Bowl and Server Set. Bowl 11”.0.981896

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Add a touch of natural elegance to your home with this classic Acacia Wood serving bowl. Perfect for everyday use, each sturdy bowl is made from eco-friendly Acacia wood.0.954558

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Delightful for dips, our Mango Wood Dipping Bowls are crafted from recycled glass and sustainable wood.0.9129669

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This Bamboo Utensil Holder, hand shaped from a single piece of bamboo, is durable and lightweight with a simple design. Made from Organic bamboo, grown without chemicals and pesticides.0.840095

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Take your salad to sustainable heights with our Root Wood Salad Bowl. Reclaimed Shan Mu fir is handcarved into these beautiful pieces. 14” diam.0.8194103

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