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Each carved root vase is uniquely beautiful and stands alone as a work of natural art. For thousands of years, expert carvers have transformed gnarled stumps of fir trees into works of art such as these.40.6694

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The Root Wood Bowl is handcarved from reclaimed shan mu roots. Each bowl is a unique work of art, perfect for dry foods, or as a centerpiece, 11”W.0.9575577

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Take your salad to sustainable heights with our Root Wood Salad Bowl. Reclaimed Shan Mu fir is handcarved into these beautiful pieces.33.86037

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The Root Wood Bowl Small is ideal for serving dry foods, or displaying small finds. Hand carved from reclaimed Shan Mu fir roots, about 7” to 9”.33.43413

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For many years, expert carvers of Central China have turned gnarled stumps of Shan Mu fir trees into works of art like this gorgeous flat-cut bowl. Use as a centerpiece, basket or for serving dry foods.19.50999

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Unique serving trays are handcarved from fir tree stumps left over after sustainable logging operations.15.176

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Our Acacia Round Plate Small brings the beauty of sustainably grown acacia to your table. Beautiful and practical,1.497636

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