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The 1920’s Antique Bottle is a true vintage original. Found in Hungary, these bottles originally held milk or yogurt; now they’re perfect for your favorite blooms.39.95795

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Vintage industrial ceiling light looks fabulous at home. Clean lines and simple styling, unique, found items, 14" Diam.1.0549

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Call up the timeless grace of days gone by with these Vintage Champagne Ice Buckets. Truly vintage found items from France, each is unique.0.9211007

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Vintage teak cabinet, lovingly restored, charmingly painted. A hospitable home for guest linens, or kitchen storage.0.1715132

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Vintage olive baskets straight from the grove to your home. Perfect for displaying favored treasures. 14" to 17" H0.1715132

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Rustic cans once held cream on the farm. Display blooming branches and flowers. 15.5"H0.1715132

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Vintage dough bowl once used to knead bread, a charming display item. Unique, 37.5"L0.1715132

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Vintage cracker box repurposed into a charming display, perfect for candles, or even cookies or crackers.0.1715132

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Vintage enamel basin offers simple beauty ready to welcome a burst of lemons, or bunch of lavender. 14.25" Diam.0.1715132

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Vintage enamel cauldron is perfect for rolled towels or bunches of flowers. Color and exact dimensions vary, approximately 21" Diam.0.1715132

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Once carried on the backs of vineyard workers, these vintage bins make a charming way to display blooming branches and vines.0.1715132

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Vintage find, traditional salt-glazed flow blue pottery, three sizes. Charming and unique.0.1715132

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