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Display your favorite bottles in rare vintage style. Still bearing the marks of the vineyard, these racks are ready for new life, 60”H.54.2563

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Roll camera! Classic Hollywood comes to life in this wine rack made from vintage film reels. Includes real film as cushion, the title is on the base.49.76114

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Two full wine barrel staves accented with wrought iron bottle holders offer a dramatic resting space for your favorite vintage.37.85705

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A pair of reclaimed wine barrel staves cradle seven bottles of your favorite vintage for dramatic display, 35”L.13.77547

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A vintage find for your vintage wines. This small-scale riddling rack is a genuine piece of French history. Riddling, a method of storing Champagne bottles tipped to move any sediment into the neck of the bottle, dates back to the 1800s. Use this authentic piece to display your favorite wines…and start a conversation. As with all vintage items, each rack varies slightly in size and details, some still bearing the marks of their original vineyard.33.00643

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This beautiful, all natural olive wood wine bottle holder is hand-cut by artisans from sustainably sourced Italian olive trees. 22.41105

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Double staves create a graceful arched arbor to hold your favorite bottles of wine, 36”L.20.60557

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These wine holders are hand-carved from salvaged Shan Mu fir tree stumps left behind after logging operations and finished with food safe lacquer.19.51387

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Viewing 1 - 8 of 8 Page of 1