Mango Wood Dipping Bowls (491562888), Serving Bowls
Table service! Our Mango Wood Dipping Bowls are perfect for condiments, salsas or other dips. Each piece is a study in sustainability. The tray and spoons are made from wood harvested from a sustainably managed mango grove. As trees reach the end of their fruiting life, they are cut down and a new tree is planted in its place. The old tree is reclaimed and transformed into stunning new pieces. The dipping bowls are crafted from recycled glass. Each piece has unique grain and wood patterns to look beautiful on your table.
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Great for TV
By: Grumpy Grampy, Thursday, September 15, 2016

Great for TV because everyone spends more time admiring them than dipping from them. (Saves on making more and more dip; so I get more game watching time in.


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