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Cook pizza like a pro! The Soapstone 16" Pizza Stone transforms your oven or grill into a perfect pizza oven. Handcrafted from a solid block of soapstone, this durable pizza stone creates even heat distribution for a perfectly crisp crust every time. Attractive enough to go straight from oven to table, these serving pieces are not just for pizza, either! The stain-resistant, naturally non-stick surface also makes a great cheese board, or a perfect serving plate for nachos, breads, or any grilled items. 

Because they’re made from natural soapstone, these stunning serving pieces will hold temperature well, keeping your pizza hot and fresh. Handcrafted in Colordao from manufacturing “extras” that would otherwise be discarded, the thickness of each stone will vary between .5 and .625 inches. We recommend placing the stone in your oven prior to preheating. Placing a cold stone into a hot oven may cause the stone to crack.

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By: Tammy Crawford-Perkins, Thursday, April 14, 2016

Never had a better tasting pizza cooked at home. This stone is perfect.


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Q: I recently received this order and am curious to know if the item I purchased comes with a warranty. Please let me know.

There isn't a manufacturers warranty that comes with the Soapstone 16" Pizza Stone. However, we will return or replace any item purchased from Bambeco for 30 days after the purchase. If you would like further details please contact one of our Brand Advocates at 866-535-4144.

Q: my question is high of temp is this stone good for... we like to cook pizza on the grill and/or have our oven up to 600 ish degrees

Yes, these can be used on an oven or a grill.