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These distinctive La Fortuna Hummingbird Feeders will welcome some of nature’s most miraculous creatures to your yard. Created with recycled glass, these hand-made feeders are beautiful on their own and will add an element of art to any outdoor space. Witness the hummingbirds’ stunning array of iridescent colors as they fill your yard with their energy and beauty. The nectar basin attaches to the bottom with a recycled rubber stopper.

Feeders include a hanging hook.

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Great hummingbird feeder
By: Chrissy, Sunday, June 12, 2016

So glad to find this! It is my favorite. Looks great in my yard. Very easy to clean, which is so important. It is wonderful to see the tiny bird perching and drinking. Be sure to change the sugar water every week!

Beauty and the birds!
By: Carol, Tuesday, September 08, 2015

This feeder is beautiful! When I look out my window, the colorful glass is a true work of art......but where are the hummingbird? I wish they came with it.


Ask a Question
Q: We are interested at the La Fortuna Hummingbird Tall Feeder and wondered what the dimensions are, quantity of liquid it could hold, and can it withstand outdoor winters in the mid-Atlantic. Are the round feeders same liquid quantity?

The dimensions of our Carnival Hummingbird Feeder Tall are 13" high x 3" wide and it will hold approximately 48oz. The Round Feeder will hold approximately 24oz. Those these feeders are are thick and sturdy, the continued freezing and thawing could cause them to crack.