Holiday Gift Guide 2013
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bambeco Imagine a home where your values live throughout, where you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality to live sustainably. At bambeco, that dream becomes a reality.
Bambeco is the leader in stylish, sustainable home furnishings and décor, the place to go for unique gifts and products with a purpose. All our products are sustainable, made from recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, organic, or natural materials.
Every product is a step toward changing the world, one room at a time and ships to your door Carbonfree.
From wreaths grown on organic farms in Northern California to artisan-crafted recycled glassware from Mexico and bowls created from sustainable tree farms in Thailand, this season we’re inspired by products with purpose that celebrate true sustainability.
Set your table in style with unique, handcrafted pieces that elevate a simple dinner with friends to something remarkable.
Handblown Glass
We're on a rescue mission!
Instead of going to a landfill, old soda bottles are rescued and transformed. Using techniques passed down through generations, skilled artisans handblow the broken and melted pieces into amazing new treasures.
The results are jewel-like glassware that is simply stunning and stylishly sustainable.
The world is your playground!
Maximize fun and safety while protecting the planet with cool gear that replaces batteries with solar and people power.
Where will your next adventure take you?
Don’t be limited by your power cord.
One less plastic bottle in the landfill.
Americans drink over 50 billion bottles of water each year. Make the switch!
• Keeps cold for 24 hours
• Keeps hot for 12 hours
• One bottle = one tree
• Sustainable, recycled stainless steel
It is the last bottle you’ll ever need.
Geek out on the hottest green gadgets of the season!
High-tech meets old-school in thoughtfully-designed products that fit the way you live and change the way you think about conservation.
Because good design should be good for the earth.
Reimagine your home.
A home that celebrates your sustainable and stylish values throughout. Reclaimed wood frames cradle your favorite photos while scented soy candles flicker softly, encouraging you to stay. Embrace balance, and celebrate a life well lived.
Let it grow, let it grow, let it glow!
From solar-powered lights to hand-blown bird feeders, you're all about natural choices that support a healthy environment.
Embrace the joy of simple sustainability, whether it’s an herb-garden in an urban windowsill, or a lush yard filled with plants to sustain people and the planet.
Yule Tree To Be
If you cut a tree, plant a tree!
Plant a seed for a sustainable future. With a little care, it will grow into a beautiful Scotch Pine, a constant and green reminder of your commitment to changing the world.
The seed planted today will grow into a beautiful tree reaching 60’ tall.
Pet Lover
Protect your playground!
Through mountains, rivers, grasslands, forests and parks, your furry friend is at your side. Good for you, good for your pet and good for the planet products help ensure you’ll have places to play and run for years to come.
Bucket and Balls
This handy, recycled stainless steel bucket holds 10 heavy-duty balls perfect for a game of fetch.
The natural latex balls are covered in felt colored with azo-free dyes that will stand up to some pretty vigorous play.
Good doggy approved for grab-and-go fun!