Bambeco Commitment

About Us

our commitment

Create Sustainably. Give Responsibly. Ensure Human Dignity in All We Do.

Bambeco is committed to making high-quality, sustainable home products that steadily reduce the footprint and impact we have on our planet. Where we can recycle and or reuse materials headed to the landfill, we do. In all other instances, we ensure materials are highly renewable, natural or organic. Staying true to these values has helped us create a company we are proud of and made us successful in the marketplace.

our values

We are guided by the following values. They describe our company as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these values and we believe that putting our values into practice creates long-term benefits for our customers, team members, suppliers, investors, partners, the communities we serve, and the environment.

We act with INTEGRITY in all that we do. We are each personally accountable for ensuring the highest standards of our products and business practices. We will not let business objectives ever compromise our commitment to providing products that meet or exceed our environmental standards. We fulfill our commitments as responsible team members and community leaders. We will consistently treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.

We celebrate EVERY STEP. We are on a journey together with our team members, consumers, partners and investors to improve our planet. We believe that all of us can make changes through taking incremental steps. We are committed to offering our consumers an environmentally responsible choice when making their purchasing decisions.

We are responsible ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDS. We are personally responsible for environmental stewardship. As a company, we will support and work with key environmental organizations, suppliers, and partners that share our passion for improving our planet. We reward and encourage all team members to be leaders within their communities to inspire and drive real change.

We value DIVERSITY. We value the perspectives and experiences that all of our team members bring to the company. We reward innovative thinking and encourage all to think creatively in developing new business solutions and emerging product ideas. We value the diversity of our suppliers and support minority owned and fair trade businesses that are making differences in their communities and their villages.

We encourage OPEN COMMUNICATION. We value open communication throughout our company and teams. We are all responsible for honest and professional communication. We believe that open communication at all levels of our company creates an environment for success and personal and professional growth.

our partners

We could not do what we do without partners who share our environmental and human dignity values. We build long-term relationships with our partners that feel more like family members than business colleagues.