Our Impact

Every product makes an impact, from recycling materials to providing jobs. And every purchase you make plants a tree in the US. Help us leave a legacy of conservation for future generations.

Bambeco is passionate about products with purpose. Every item is designed to protect our planet and its people, and to make a more sustainable lifestyle accessible and attainable. Everything we make is natural, nontoxic, organic, reclaimed, repurposed, recycled, renewable, or sustainable and all of our orders are shipped completely carbon-free, from our door to yours.

Changing the world sounds big, but when we all work together a lot of small choices can make a huge impact. None of us can change the world alone but all of us can together, and every purchase makes a difference. Trees are our greatest allies in the fight against climate change and, for each product we sell, we will plant a tree in an American forest preserve in an effort to replenish our landscape and aid in the fight for our planet's future.

We've gone too long borrowing from future generations. Let's make a change, let's leave a legacy of care and conservation, and a planet worth protecting.