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Our vibrant ivory Jute Andes Rugs really brighten up a room. The chunky texture and ultra-durability make this a great choice for high traffic areas. Each rug is hand-woven by skilled weavers who use time-tested techniques for exceptional texture, durability, and design.Jute is an incredibly versatile and sustainable natural fiber, and is harvested from crops that enrich the soil and support small, traditional farms. Jute manufacturing produces minimal waste and emissions, and the long, soft and durable fibers can be woven into a variety of beautiful products, like these stunning, and sustainable, rugs.
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OUR ARTISANS ARE CURRENTLY CRAFTING the 5' x 8' & 9' x 12' in this collection. They will be ready to ship on or about June 10, 2017.
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Q: Can you confirm if any chemicals were used in making this product? I'm wondering if the materials were organically grown and processed, etc. free of any toxins.

Thank you for your question. Our rugs are not treated with any chemicals. We also use AZO-free dyes for the coloring of these rugs. The Jute used in these rugs cannot be guaranteed to have been grown organically. However, most of the raw material is predominately cultivated by small farmers in India and Bangladesh. These farms and the Jute industry trade support employ about 14 million people.

Q: I had a very bad respiratory reaction to a Jute rug I bought somewhere else. I have been heavily researching rugs because I didn't realize the chemicals that are used on most rugs. Have you ever has this complaint or a return because of a reaction to the rug? I have really bad allergies and chemical sensitivity. I wanted to ask this before I purchased this rug. Thank you so much!

This rug is 100% jute, a plant fiber that is rapidly renewable and very durable. Jute grows naturally, with little need for pesticides or fertilizers. It is naturally color-fast, won’t fade in sunlight, and has sound and heat insulating properties. Our jute is farmed by millions of small farmers and supports hundreds of thousands of workers in the manufacturing process. The dyes are natural & vegetable-based, and there are no chemicals applied to the rugs. These natural fiber rugs don’t off-gas harmful VOCs into your home.