Creme Recycled Paper Shag Rug 8' x 10' (491561659), Eco-Friendly Indoor Rugs, Jute Rugs, Mats & More | bambeco
These rugs are made of recycled paper, so your environmental conscience can feel just as good as your feet do! Offering a marvelous balance of comfort and style, these rugs present an array of dazzling applications throughout the home. The distinctive shag is hand woven on a loom and features a durable backing made of natural latex and cotton.
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Q: i wanted to confirm this rug has no chemicals addedto it? it doesn't say anything about that, thanks!

Thank you for your question! There are no chemicals added to this rug.

Q: How do you care for this rug?

*Vacuum regularly with suction only--a beater brush is not recommended / *Blot liquid spills immediately by pressing a clean, undyed cloth into the spill to absorb as much as possible / *For hard to remove stains professional rug cleaning is recommended

Q: Is this rug soft? Is it a similar look to the recycled jersey rugs? That is what it looks like in the photo.

Yes, this rug is soft to the touch, not rough.