Teak Cutting Board with Handle (491563409), Boards & Knives
Rich, gorgeous teak—pizza night with friends. Full of laughter, good times, and great pies. It’s casual, relaxed, but still chic. Whether downtown dishing up pizza, or uptown covered in cheeses and fruit, these stunning teak cutting boards deliver a just-right mix of effortless elegance and practicality. Perfectly proportioned with a convenient handle to make serving easy. These beautiful pieces are crafted from conflict-free, FSC® certified organic teak grown on a sustainably-managed, renewable plantation located on reclaimed ranch lands. Teak has long been prized in the marine industry, and those same features make it ideal for cutting boards. The high levels of natural oils help repel moisture and prevent the wood from warping or drying out.
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Q: Hi, I was wondering if you had more information regarding where your teak and bamboo was sourced. is it from FSC or TFT partnered sources (teak primarily). thanks, john

Our Teak and Bamboo are from sustainable, renewable resources. They are not FSC certified but are a natural material.