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Our Arctic Votive Holder is made from reclaimed wine cooler bottles and wine barrel slats. Nestled in the arched holder, these votive candle holders take on new life and create the perfect ambience. Sized just right to hold your favorite votive candles, the Arctic Votive Holder will make a charming addition to any décor.

Each tray is unique (be sure to turn the tray to reveal its former life as a wine barrel) and actual colors, sizes and appearance will vary a bit.

Candlelight is universally flattering, so bring the charm and sparkle of candles to any part of your home. The candle holder is available as a set of three or five holders on a tray and comes in your choice of green, amber or clear glass.

Our apologies –
the Reclaimed wine barrel stave holder - 3 is being created now and will ship on or about february 20, 2017, Carbonfree® to your door!

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Q: I ordered your reclaimed wine barrel candle holder. Do your recycled glass votives fit in the holder? I am having a hard time finding one that does.

We are sorry that you have been having difficulties finding votives that work with the Arctic Votive 3 Amber Candle Holder. Fortunately, our recycled votives will fit this product.