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Invite mother nature into your home with these natural Mango Wood Plates. The raw beauty of nature will be on display as long as these plates are on your table. These plates are perfectly sized for dinner and can be used for indoor or outdoor dining. Because these plates are handcrafted from nature, no two are exactly alike.
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Buy something else! Very disappointed...
By: Jacqueline Bourgeois, Tuesday, September 08, 2015

First off, these plates all smelled horrible, like smoke, they made the entire box smell like this. They are poorly made and roughly shaped. No lacquer or oil, so I don't know how they could be used as a plate. The center heartwood is a dry little cork that looks like it would crack with any moisture on it - actually all the plates looked like this. I am returning all of them and seeking something else. Oh, some weren't even close to plate shaped and had tiny dimensions. I expected some variation but this was beyond.

beautiful plate
By: Maryam, Saturday, June 13, 2015

What a beautiful piece of art. If you're trying to bring the outdoors indoors, this is the way to do it. Each piece feels like a tree, have a slight curve, and have a weight that confers their solid construction. A great find.


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Q: I realize each plate is slightly different, but what is the average size? Thanks.

The average size for the Natural Mango Wood Dinner Plate is 10.5 inches in diameter.