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Inspired by the sea — Using Earth’s natural bounty, pieces made from clay add a rustic feel to your kitchen. Inspired by the deep blue of the Mediterranean, the design celebrates the chance effects of kiln-fired lustrous glazes. Made for life and living with a lifetime edge-chip warranty. Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, each piece is handcrafted using processes which ensure minimum impact on the environment. Our Potter's Craft is sourced from one of the only manufacturers with a dedicated, innovative approach to caring for the environment. Using a system for recycling clay waste from the manufacturing process, they have saved a staggering 350 tons of clay per year from ending up in landfills or from being quarried. Due to the unique, handmade nature of this Potter's Craft, each item will be slightly different in color and detail. Just like us, no two are exactly alike.
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