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Bonsai—embrace tradition. The classic and timeless art of bonsai translated into an easy-to-grow kit. A classic bonsai, the Japanese elm features long, delicate branches and small, serrated leaves that turn into the colors of flame during autumn. Considered an ideal bonsai for fall and winter, when the colors change, and the leaves fall to reveal its beautiful branches. This kit includes everything needed to grow your own bonsai from a seed. The tree pictured is 4 year old. 
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Q: Will this plant survive in the Chicago area. Can it be planted outdoors. How much sunlilght does it need?

The Japanese Elm Bonsai Garden can be planted outdoors. However, it will not withstand below freezing temperatures. If it is put outside it should be during the warmer months, and should not receive direct sunlight. If it is planted indoors it should receive at least a few hours of indirect sunlight per day.

Q: Does this plant need to be transferred into a bigger pot or can it spend all of its life in this container? Would it need to be Pruned or could I let it grow if I got tired of pruning?

The Japanese Elm Bonsai Garden should be transferred as it gets too big for the pot, and pruning should be done as needed.