Kantha Recycle Bank 46 (491565179), Hidden Home Decor

From vintage sarees to one-of-a-kind masterpiece—layers of history. Time-honored traditions. Artisanal expression. All gathered together in one place, your home.
Vintage cotton sarees are layered together then handsewn and embroidered by artisans in West Bengal, providing a livelihood for women in the slums of Calcutta. Thousands of individual stitches become one masterpiece, perfect in its imperfections. Derived from the Sanskrit word for “rags”, kantha comes from the times of Guatama Buddha, who used to cover himself with garments made from patched together rags.
These vintage pieces are reversible and each piece is unique. There may be small patches, and the quilt may not align perfectly when folded. These are traits inherent in handcrafted pieces and are the mark of human hands and artisan expression. Crafted from 100% cotton from recycled sarees.

82”W x 52”L

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