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From workhorse to work of art—daily demands of the kitchen embedded this soap-making cauldron with the rich character of farmhouse living. Imagine rolled towels nested within or bunches of flowers welcoming visitors at your front door. Find your perfect repurpose. Color and exact dimensions will vary as each is an original. Age, weathering, and patina are inherent in each bambeco found object. Chipped edges and other signs of life are typical of these vintage cauldrons. These unique found items are available in limited quantities. Dates to midcentury.

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By: Gail, Friday, May 13, 2016

This is my best functional and non-functional buy ever. I use it for outdoor parties, and when not in its festive mode, you'll find it in den with my unread papers and magazines. My daughter tried to take this from me, but I'll buy her one for her birthday. Very happy with purchase.


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Q: I have two questions: 1) Is the cauldron water tight? 2) The example shown on the web site almost looks like it has a design painted on it. I know the colors vary, but I would prefer an allover "plain" finish, not one with a definite pattern. Do some of the cauldrons have designs painted on, or was that just a trick of the light in the photo? I would like to place my order soon, but hope to have my questions answered first.

The Vintage Enamel Cauldron is water tight. These do not have a design on it. They are all plain, in one solid color.

Q: Are the cauldrons solid green enamel as the one on the q and a page or are they unfinished enamel

The Vintage Enamel Cauldrons are all solid green enamel, but the green color may vary from piece to piece