BAMBECO’s White-Glove Delivery

If you are purchasing multiple White Glove products, please call Customer Service at 866.535.4144 for the most up-to-date shipping rates.

Built to love and last a lifetime, select bambeco pieces ship White Glove to you.

The concept of white-glove service has evolved to focus less on what is worn on the hand and more on the overall manner in which the process is handled.

For bambeco, the definition of White-Glove is in keeping with the painstaking care we take with people…and our planet. So, while your delivery specialists may not actually wear white gloves, you can expect the entire process to be executed meticulously.

When you can expect to receive your piece:

Each piece is exceptionally hand-made to order. Not stored in a warehouse to collect dust. The quality you demand is evidenced in our craftsmanship. White Glove shipping may slightly extend your expected delivery time, and additional shipping charges apply.

What you can expect upon delivery:

Deliveries are made five days a week, throughout the year, to ensure items arrive in a timely manner.

Delivery will be scheduled prior to arrival— During the confirmation call, whether it is an automated call or made by a live representative, you will be asked about any time restrictions relative to making the delivery and the delivery service will do its best to accommodate needs.

You will be given ample time to inspect items—we strongly encourage you to do so, prior to signing the freight bill, as no damage claims can be made if inspection of your item is not executed at the time of delivery.

Your delivery will be made by professionally-trained furniture delivery specialists.