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1. Can I use this promo code for my own purchases at
Yes! All purchases made with your promo code count toward your total.

2. Can my friends and family forward to their friends and family?
Yes, the more purchases made with your promo code, the more bambeco bucks for you!

3. Can I post my promo code on my website or blog?

4. How will I receive my bambeco bucks?
You will receive your bambeco bucks in the form of a bambeco gift card.

5. When will I receive my bambeco bucks?
To allow for any returns, bambeco bucks will be distributed in February, 2010.

6. How is 10% of my friends and family orders calculated?
At the end of the promotion period, we calculate 10% of the total purchases made by your friends and family (after the 15% discount, excluding tax and shipping).

7. What if I haven’t received my promo code?
Please email us at and we will resend your promo code.