Green tips for back-to-school! Eco-friendly products and energy saving practices
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Prep Time

  • Explain the goal - Visit a natural area, watch a wildlife video: get your kids on board.
  • Take inventory - What can you re-use? Save earth’s resources - and yours.
  • Shop for supplies online - save gas, simplify your schedule.
  • Think sustainable - look for recycled materials & packaging.

Travel Time

  • Discover eco-friendly backpacks: No PVC’s
  • Live near school? Let the kids bike or hike
  • Live farther away? The bus is ready to roll

Lunch Time
Send your kids off with:

  • Lunch boxes, not paper bags
  • Re-usable bottles, not throwaways
  • Cloth napkins, not paper
  • Washable utensils, not plastic
  • Local veggies, not long-distance produce
  • Homemade granola, not factory-packaged bars
  • Fresh fruit - in its own wrapping!

Study Time
Supply your kids with:
  • Recycled paper and notebooks
  • Pens & pencils from reclaimed materials
  • A basket for computer paper to be re-used
  • Natural light & energy-saving CFL bulbs
Lunchbox Set Green Recycled Cotton Journal
Kanteen Classic 18oz Orange Lunchbox Set Water Blue
Penguin & Rooster Recycled PETE Messenger Bag Orange Recycled Leather Red Journal
Artic Backpack Blue Lunchbox Set Pink with Dots
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