Fine Herringbone Wool Throw (491574464), Throw Blankets
A modern take on classic tweed with the softness of natural wool. Hand-loomed using traditional weaving techniques, our Fine Herringbone throw adds a refined touch to your décor. This updated fishbone pattern blanket is weighted for warmth and handcrafted with 100% all natural wool gathered from free range sheep in Portugal.Nestled in an old-world village in the mountains of Portugal, our wool artisans brought an 80-year old factory back to life. It is there that we combined the time-tested art and expertise of the village weavers with contemporary design.During the factory restoration, our craftspeople discovered antique handwritten pattern books in the original furniture—which are both still used today—and lovingly restored the vintage looms used by the original factory. Thus, bringing unique and beautiful art to the town once again.As spring arrives, our free range sheep—raised and tended in the nearby green hills and pastures—give us the gift of their natural wool.Each throw is hand-woven in traditional weaves for exceptional warmth and texture with modern colors and shapes. Bringing the cycle full circle, they’re then visually inspected for perfection by our master weavers, many of which are the daughters and relatives of our shepherds.

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Exceptional Quality
By: Alicia Carter, Friday, March 03, 2017

This throw is absolutely beautiful. Photos cannot do it justice. The fine detail in the Herrington pattern is exquisite. Incredible craftsmanship.


Ask a Question
Q: Hi, can you tell me if the wool from your blankets and coasters is sourced from a humane company that has practices in effect to not harm the sheep during shearing? I know that you are passionate about the environment, so I am hoping that I have found a company from which I can buy wool products that I can feel good about.

Bambeco answered: Like you, we care about animals, as well as people and planet, and ensuring that they are treated well is an important part of our process. Our wool products come from small sheep farms, many going back generations, that raise the sheep in healthy pastures with proper grazing practices and no herbicides or pesticides. Caring for the health of the sheep is a key element, and our farmers don’t employ mulesing or any other inhumane activities. Thank you for joining us in changing the world, one room at a time!

Elizabeth replied: Thank you. I'm so glad to hear that your suppliers are using humane practices. I figured that would be the case with Bambeco! I have loved everything that I have purchased at Bambeco and glad to hear that I can also purchase wool from your company. Keep up the great work!