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Discarded remnants transformed by artist’s hands into something extraordinary—the essence of nature, hand-touched. Unmistakable character come to life in your home, perfect for dried flowers or reeds. Expert carvers hand select gnarled roots left behind by sustainable logging operations. In their skilled hands, nature’s beauty is restored to new life. Distinctive, earthy, incomparable. Each piece is a unique work of art, and no two are exactly alike. Natural fissures and knotholes are part of the singular charm.
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Cool and authentic
By: Georgia, Tuesday, December 13, 2016

These vases are very unique. There are some splits in the wood where the roots were, but it adds character to the vases. The imperfections make the vases interesting and the wood is beautiful.

Such Beauty!
By: Sharon Swindoll, Saturday, July 16, 2016

I received my vases today. I bought one in each size to use as a grouping on my foyer table. They are the most beautiful and unique pieces I have purchased for my house. Each are a work of art. Superb craftsmanship. I would highly recommend these for anyone who likes wooden art - and not cookie-cutter items bought in a store that is like what everyone else has. They are simply beautiful! I will be purchasing other items in the coming months.

Very unique and beautiful
By: Ann, Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beautiful vase! It has natural flaws that enhance the beauty. Unique piece and is a conversation starter. Bought the smaller vase but am planning to buy the medium and large to create the perfect grouping on our entryway table.

Gorgeous piece
By: Loraine, Thursday, December 31, 2015

So beautiful and sensual that it is aa true work of art. I bought one for a friend for Christmas and after seeing it bought one for myself.

Root Vase
By: Sandra, Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is the most beautiful vase I have ever come across. I already have two of the root bowls and love any of the root products for the originality, beauty and versatility. All of my friends are asking: "Where did you find those?" Keep adding root products and I will keep buying. The style would certainly fit in any design setting. I highly recommend and oh my for the price how great.


Ask a Question
Q: What type of wood are these vases made of?

These beautiful and one-of-a-kind root vases are hand carved from reclaimed fir tree stumps.

Q: What type of wood are these vases made of?

These beautiful and one-of-a-kind root vases are hand carved from reclaimed fir tree stumps.

Q: What type of wood are these made from and is there any type of finish applied to them. Thank You

Our Artisan Root Vases are made from Shan Mu Fir Trees and there is no finish used.

Q: What are the dimensions of the vases?

Since each vase is unique, sizes will vary. Small 6" dia. X 10"H, Medium 8" dia. X 12"H, Large 9.5" dia. X 14"H.

Q: What are the different dimensions of the vases, widths and heights?

The dimensions are as follows: Large - 9.5"Dia. x 14"H, Medium - 8"Dia. x 12"H, Small - 6"Dia. x 10"H

Q: How tall are the different sizes of these vases?

"The dimesnions are as follows: Small - 6""Dia. x 10""H Medium - 8""Dia. x 12""H Large - 9.5""Dia. x 14""H"