Artisanal Artichoke & Herb Wreaths (491569216), Wreaths and Botanicals

An earthy mix of colors, this handcrafted wreath is the perfect welcome to a new season. Featuring sage, marjoram, savory, chilis, lavender, tansy, fresh bay, and dried artichoke, it is a unique mix of purple and orange against a lush verdant backdrop. Handmade in California, each plant is grown organically without pesticides or fertlizers, hand picked, and assembled extra full for a long life.

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Q: is this decorate only or can herbs be used in cooking?

Decorative only. We do offer Culinary wreaths that will be available end of October.

Q: What is the typical lifetime of these wreaths? Is it weeks, months,years? They seem lovely but I don't want to spend $70 is its gonna be dead in a couple weeks

Thank you for your question!If the wreaths are taken care of, they can last up to nine months.

Q: What is the size of the wreath?

The Artisanal Artichoke & Herb Wreaths measures 18" in diameter.